Christian Detox Retreats For Your Health

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Detox retreats are not restricted to those who are coming off of drugs. Christian detox retreats are used by those who want to obey the scripture which states: "Let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God" (2 Corinth. 7:1). So God is concerned about our body also. Regular detoxing can facilitate rapid weight loss, radiant skin, and abundant energy.

We unfortunately exist in an environment of man made foods, poisonous plastics, environmental pollution, and chemicals in almost everything we eat and drink. Christian detox is all about cleaning the poisons out of our bodies which are the temple of the Holy Spirit and getting back to eating natural plant foods that God gave us to eat back in the Garden of Eden. He never intended us to eat the perverted processed food of man.

Perhaps you have read all about the healthful effects of eating raw foods, going on juice diets, and doing colonics which is the cleansing of your colon? Those who promote these healthy programs may inform you that when they practice these programs they have never felt better in their lives, and certainly there is plenty of corroboration from other people who have experienced the same, and there is some scientific backing to these assertions.

You will discover on these retreats that all raw diets (food provided in the form God intended) are regularly offered along with juice fasts, colon cleansing, and other holistic alternative health therapies. They make sure that the natural food they provide at the retreat such as sprouted grains, vegetables, and raw fruits is appealing in both taste and appearance so that your experience is enjoyable as wall as healthy.

One of the most important parts of your body that should be detoxified is the liver which cleans your blood. This is taken care of by the detox diet at the retreat along with hydrotherapy, massage, reflexology, colonics and saunas. These work together in synergy with each other and literally sweat and force the poisons from your body.

Can Christian detox retreats help cancer victims? Those who have been assaulted by chemotherapy often say that they feel much better after going through a natural detox program. But because you have been brainwashed by the food media it may be hard to accept the program in its entirety. But since the detox programs only last for six, ten or fourteen days anyone can put up with that. If you're unsure about getting a detox, try a weekend program before committing to a longer one.




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