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There comes a time when people have to draw the line and choose between serving God or man. When government grows so powerful and starts imposing ungodly laws upon Christians or starts restricting the practice of their church or faith then it is time to have a Christian retreat in a more permanent sense of the word "retreat". It is time to leave and to declare independence from the overlords that are setting up a global plantation wherein the majority will labor as oppressed serfs and be paid a paltry sum of electronic digits that are visible on a computer screen.

The retreat of Christians to flee an oppressive situation and set up their own community or nation has taken place in history before. Those that journeyed to North America in the 1400s fled an oppressive situation back in Europe because they were not free to practice their faith according to what their conscience was leading them to do. So they had to seek freedom by moving overseas and finding a new land wherein they could set up a Christian community under a contract of laws based upon principles found in the Bible.

Even in this day and age there are many Christians who have had enough of government corruption and the trend toward more and more ungodly and unjust policies and laws. The Christian Exodus project seeks to unite Christians to secede from an ungodly system on three different project levels. The first level is secession on a personal and family level, the second level is secession to a Christian community level of existence, and the third level is secession that results in the creation of a Christian nation with sovereign land and sovereign citizenship under God, indivisible, and with liberty and justice for all. Let us first look at the personal and family level of secession.

The Christian Exodus movement encourages all Christians to first start their own secession on a personal level. Christians are encouraged to permanently retreat or secede from controlling influences that would restrict them from having the true freedom and liberty that God intends his sons and daughters to have. This secession includes, home schooling your children instead of sending them off to be brainwashed in government schools. Even in Germany where homeschooling laws are still on the books from the Hitler regime, some Christian parents have been fleeing to other countries where they can homeschool their children.

Christian secession also includes setting up house churches that are free from government control or coercion by not being government controlled corporations, but instead being free and unregistered churches like those which exist in Russia because of the repressive Russian government. These house churches are scriptural also since the early church met from house to house and shared everything they had. The money they used was made of gold and silver. Therein are the answers to the health care problem and the disparity between the rich and the poor. The answer is found in the true church and not in government hand out programs. Setting up a buying gold bars for sale monthly special savings program is also wise.

Some other things that are included in a permanent Christian retreat program for yourself and your family include setting up back up generators for home use so Christians are not at the mercy of the energy distribution system or power grid. You can purchase a residential solar power systems such as a solar powered back up generator to have on hand in case of an emergency. It is also possible to construct your own wind powered turbine so you can have windmill electricity if you are good at working with your hands and following directions. Also, if you live in a rural area you can grow algae biodiesel in your backyard for own residential biodiesel processor and equipment for home use. Diesel generators for home use do run excellently if you pour algae biodiesel into the tank of your home diesel generator and they are among the best home back up generators to have for energy independence.

Furthermore, if you choose to stay where you are and not relocate, you need to think about setting up your own home garden so that you are not dependent upon conventional food channels that can be disrupted by a breakdown of the computerized distribution system. For many people a home garden is not an option because of space, so setting up an emergency food storage system and having a supply of freeze-dried food and mre meals that can last for a long time is very wise. It was Joseph in the Hebrew Scriptures that gave us an example of setting up a long term food storage system using dried food. Please follow his example.

Another two areas wherein you can become more self-sufficient is to learn how to take care of your home and your health without relying on expensive paid professionals. Learning how to do home repairs yourself is important in maintaining your home and if you move to a rural area where you can not easily find the best home repairs contractors then it is almost essential that you learn how to do home repairs yourself. Taking care of your body and your health is also important and progressing toward medical self-sufficiency is essential. Christians should become home schooled holistic health practitioners to take care of themselves and those in their Christian Exodus Community.

To find out more about how you can become involved in the more advanced levels of the Christian Exodus project then please go to the Christian Exodus dot org web site and look around and read the articles and watch the videos and contemplate and pray if you should go deeper in your commitment to secession and in joining others who are creating christian retreat communities or joining those who want to create a Christian nation. You can contact by email the Moses type leader of the Christian Exodus movement who is Keith Humphrey at keith @ and if you want to get involved in a greater way then Keith may even have a special pdf attachment that he can send to you by email. This pdf will tell you about the plans they have and it may give you some ideas about how you can get involved.




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