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People often think of Christian retreats as temporary escapes that only support the spiritual needs of the attendees with songs, prayer, fasting, and the kind of teaching which satisfies the spiritual hunger of the participants. But on this web site we show you many different possibilities and also give you ideas for more well rounded and expanded views of what a Christian retreat should and could be like. There are many kinds of Christian retreats to choose from and they are not just limited to the spirit, but also can be beneficial to the body such as health spa retreats or Christian weight loss retreats (save money by getting the Weight Loss God's Way e-book available below), and also beneficial to the mind such as Christian meditation retreats (meditation program available below), and these retreats can also be beneficial for both Christian business health and business group dynamics such as Christian corporate business retreats or team building retreats.

Christian retreats include not only marriage retreats, which offer much much more than just Christian sex advice (see book available below) to couples such as counsel for understanding Christian sexuality in marriage issues, but the category called Christian retreats also includes retreats for all kinds of people and groups. But one thing they have in common is that they all provide a temporary escape from the daily routine of life so that the person or couple or group of people who attends the retreat can benefit in some way in their spirit, soul, and body. The retreats focus on a particular theme, and teaching or preaching is always utilized. But sometimes workshops, counseling, and prayer are also used depending on the kind of retreat it is.

Someone has suggested that these times of refreshing should be called "Christian advances" instead of retreats since this idea is more in keeping with the concept of the Christian soldier marching forward to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil instead of retreating from evil. In fact, that is exactly what this type of temporary activity should do. But what has been lacking in the Christian community are retreats that cater to the whole person, spirit, mind, and body. The emphasis has more often than not been solely focused on the spiritual needs only.

These spiritual retreats that cater to the spiritual needs of the attendees usually take place in special facilities such as lodges, campgrounds, etc. where people can get away for a short period of time such as a weekend in order to pray, sing, listen to teaching, receive prayer, and thus connect with God in a healing way. Sometimes fasting is incorporated into the retreats as a way to deny the flesh in order to focus all the energy and desire upon God and receiving more of His Spirit. Sometimes a key note speaker is present who spiritually feeds the people with teaching.

But what about Christian retreats that are designed to educate the Christian and provide support for the health of the body or mind/soul? Do these exist and does the Christian really need them? Christian Scripture makes it clear that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and the Christian is commanded to glorify God in their body. How can Christians do this with bodies poisoned and weakened by eating processed food that has been created by man rather than eating natural food that has been created by God Almighty the Maker of Heaven and Earth? God gave man organic raw plant food to eat in the Garden of Eden! For an interesting web site that teaches people how to eat the original and most perfect diet God gave first to man go to:

This writer was part of a Christian retreat ministry for four years of his life and knows the benefit of the spiritual retreat. But after having been exposed to another kind of retreat which supports the health of the body and educates you through retreat experience on how to take care of it, this writer would like to see more Christian retreat experiences which help educate, support and heal the whole person spirit, mind, and body so that Christians learn experientially at the retreat how to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit which is their body and mind. You can not serve God well when your body is run down, lacks energy and is sick.

As you browse this web site, you can envision the concept of the Christian retreat in a more holistic way (for the spirit, soul, and body) as God would like it to be since He created all of you and wants your whole spirit, soul, and body to be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:23). Hopefully you can become the answer to the problem of only thinking in terms of the spiritual when thinking about retreats. You can become part of the solution in helping to bring about a revolution in the concept of what God wants in a well rounded Christian retreat. You can encourage those retreat owners that you come in contact with to embrace the reality that God wants us whole in our bodies and minds, as well as in our spirits, and you can ask the retreat owners (or tell them to read the home page of to provide Christian retreats that support health for the whole person: body, soul and spirit, and not just the spiritual aspect which is important, but is only one part of the totality.




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